The Most Popular eSports Team

Most popular sports teams at the moment include Cloud9lol and Team Curse. The two of these teams have been on top of their game throughout the year, so they are probably the favorites to win this year’s championship. What is more interesting is the fact that they have a couple of competitors in the tournament, namely Team WE and Team DK. These two teams also made it to the finals at the Mid-Season Invitational but fell to Cloud in the process. This means that both of them have more than enough competition to succeed. They will have to play their best, especially if they want to keep up their momentum throughout the whole event.

You might think that these teams don’t sleep. You’d be wrong. They do sleep though, so they get plenty of rest and sleep. In addition, they get plenty of food during their stay at the hotel. That’s why they’re the favorites to win this tournament and become the first ever champions in NA. Of course, they’re also the favorites to make it to the finals as well. They’ll definitely need to work hard to win this tournament, but if they do, they can go home with another trophy.

So, who is your favorite? Is it Cloud9lol or Team Curse? Which team will have the best chance at winning this tournament? All of these questions can be answered by looking into the latest statistics regarding the top four NA teams. They have a lot of competition, but they have what it takes to compete with the world’s best in order to win the championship.