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NAB: And James Cameron created the 5D!

James Cameron NAB 2012

A few days ago, James Cameron spoke during NAB, with Vince Pace at his side. He renewed his message: "Human beings love to watch human beings but only 3D can give a sense of proximity and immersion on the screen! The 3D is not a gimmick, it will become more widespread but an industrialization of workflows enabling an economy of scale is essential ... "

Since its inception, the Pace Cameron Group (CPG) filmed 140 sporting captations, 9 concerts and was involved in 27 feature films (representing an amount of 7 billion $ at the box office).

The company launched a few months ago a certification program called " CPG Certified", a guarantee for the studios and the public that a film or program offers a high quality 3D and provides a comfortable experience for the viewer...The first film to use technology certified CPG was Hugo Cabret , « though that Avatar has met the standards before Cabret but the concept was not completely acheived when whe released the film», said Cameron. But the CPG revolution is taking place more on the broadcast side. That's why, the announcement effects regarding this market were cleverly orchestrated during this NAB 2012 conference...

"The future of 3D is the broadcast! We need to build an economic workflow by developing a range of complementary tools from A to Z. We must now look to plan things in 5D, that means developing productions simultaneously in traditional 2D and 3D. The concept is to link the 3D camera to the 2D cameras, the rig being enslaved to the 2D camera controls», said James Cameron.

CPG worked in this direction for a year and has set the challenge of a 5D production line that would not cost an extra dollar to the producer or broadcaster who would use CPG services. The group began to develop its new tools with a deployment of 45 cameras for ESPN during the 2D/3D X Winter Games. "The 3D can be implemented as an overlay on a traditional production, if we organize well, we can approach a financial differential close to zero... But to reach this goal an economy of scale is essential.»

At this stage, CPG achieved an operating model for the deployment of 28 cameras with an excellent cost control. The team also developed a configuration where 40 cameras can be controlled by a single operator ... "But our next challenge is to achieve a 100 cameras system which can be driven by just one technician ", said James Cameron with a big smile!

He then presented some of the new CPG 5D products. Cameron Pace Group now offers, among other things, a remote to control for 40 rigs that can be managed by a single operator, the SCP-2000 A and also the Shadow D Handled 5; this little 2/3D handled camcorder - weighting 22 pounds -analizes the cameraman set up focus of the 2D camera to set automatically the interaxial and the convergence, "She's sexy, isn't she?", commented on James Cameron to its audience! Could this camera embody the future of 3D?...

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